Sunday, 29 January 2017

A quiter week

Been a quieter week and less productive for me, mainly because met up with a friend for coffee for a lovely chat. Had a new cupboard delivery which then meant moving things around ie books into the new cupboard etc. Very tidy now and we have cleared the DVD cabinet of the books now have room for more DVD's, that and cleaning not a lot of crafting to show for the past week. 

Did have a play with a new in the hoop design, a cover for sticky notes, ideal for your handbag

Forgot to mention last week, those that know me know I love stationery and notebooks, went to M & S Food and found this wonderful daily journal, just right for some extra planning in the business front. That and my bullet journal think will have to behave and not buy any more.

On saying that did buy some journal cards, they are so pretty and plan to write on them and add to the journals. A sort of product brain storming session.

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Hope to be more productive next week but having a big declutter of my sewing room. This seems to be taking ages and keep getting distracted with found goodies that I could not remember buying or where I had put them. Think this is going to be a long task and not sure when I will resurface.

That is it from me this week, stay safe, warm and dry


  1. Sounds like a productive week for cleaning and organising!

  2. Decluttering can seem to take forever, maybe take short breaks from all that work in order to fit in just a little crafting!
    Stationery purchasing can be quite addictive can't it, but then it's so nice to have pretty things to write on and keep you organised.

  3. A cover for sticky notes is a good idea, I end up with them all in the bottom of my bag and they get a bit mucky with the rocks and pencils and stuff in there! I can't resist a pretty notebook either :)


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