Sunday, 11 December 2016

Last Event of the Year

Phew! last event of the year, all stock packed away until next year. As usual Julia pulled out all the stops, Christmas songs playing,  a jolly atmosphere, lovely customers and stallholders. Really Christmassy and loved it.

Apart from 2 pairs all my lace Christmas tree earrings have sold, yippee

Now for the planning for new lines next year, first on my list 'Wedding's' in of course a vintage style.

Another New Years project is to sort my sewing room. Did my workroom a while back but my sewing room is so bad!!! drawers that will not shut because of too much fabric crammed into them, Spare spools of thread overflowing, ribbons cascading down from on high every time I lift the box down and they never fall out as they are but proceed to unravel across the floor.  Ordered a ribbon storage box from Amazon, think it holds about 17 reels. Will need more than the 1 but thought would give a go first, these should feed the ribbon out through a slit so you just pull and cut. Have not told Lee that I will be buying more storage boxes as he thinks by now I should have enough, little does he know how much 'stuff' I have, lol. All needed of course.

After packing away the stock from Saturday going to have a well earned rest for a couple of weeks. Apart from snowmen and tree cookies, caramelised cointreau cream cake to make and maybe some sweets, perhaps some fudge and chocolate covered turkish delight, yumm!

Have fun


  1. That sounds like such a lovely event, I'm glad it went well for you. Good luck with sorting and storing your stash. I think it's an ongoing issue for us all, you just never know when you might need that little bit of something or other! Thanks for joining #HandmadeMonday :-)

  2. Hope your have a lovely Christmas. I'd love to see someone wearing those ear rings.


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