Sunday, 28 February 2016

Put on your Top Hat.....

Something I have been planning to do for some time but as we all know crafting ideas get in the way. Fascinators, in this case a lace top hat stitched on my machine, decorated with feathers and Swarovski crystals. Alligator clips ensure safe attachment to your hair. Stitched in a Rose Taupe thread with pale pink feathers, organza flowers, very vintage.


More Mod Podge, Paris papers, flowers and bling. Again I enjoyed doing these and think these add a bit of je ne sais quoi to the Library collection.

Paris Trunk Trinket Box

Had this trunk box for a while and as mod podge mad thought why not.

I love bespoke orders and q request arrived this week from an old school friend. Two special Birthday cards a 21st and a 60th. Love how these turned out.

The request fashion and flowers.

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That's all for this week, have a lot more ideas planned but exhausted after the past week, 
think need a lay down with a Pimms, lol


  1. omg such a cute and pretty hat! love the box too :) x

  2. I love how those cards turned out, they're really stylish. I absolutely adore your fascinator, I'm sure it's going to be popular.

  3. All very pretty and vintage looking x

  4. People order cards from me sometimes with really vague requests too - I kind of like that, It's when someone asks for "Parrots and Reptiles" or "Bunny, bright colours but not too cute" that I struggle!
    I love the little hat facinators, they look amazing.

  5. Hi Caroline! That fascinator is amazing. Just beautiful! I love looking at all your creations!

  6. They all look so good , but I do love the fascinator a lot of work went into that.

  7. I adore the fascinator, the colours you've used are perfect for any occasion. I love the shape of the little trunk, perfect for a ladies dresser :)

  8. "That's all" crikey you've achieved loads in one week:) lovely


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