Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wedding delights

Still working on the wedding theme and the 8th November is getting ever closer, will I be ready in time? well I jolly well have to be. One advantage of a wedding fair you generally take orders but do have some items for sale on the day.

This weeks makes:

Dragonflies and petal clutch bag

Mint silk, stippled, organza wing dragonflies, with pearl centred organza petals

Pansy Clutch Bag

Shown here in shades of white, so elegant

Slowed up a bit as trying to sort and empty the top attic, never sure why we put so much up there thinking 'just in case' 20 years later never looked at or used and still making the roof groan. The plan is that by next spring we will only be using the small attic, which is easier to get into. Boxes will hit the utility tip and things are only going to be kept that are actually wanted. Intend to check every year and if not used for a year, out it goes, think Lee and Shiloh are getting worried, could they be next?

Happy Autumnal week


  1. Beautiful bags, and the details are so delicate.

  2. Those are beautiful! You're so talented. xo


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