Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A walk on the wild side

Not really wild, quite tame really. Nature to me is wonderful from the first snowdrops appearing from under a blanket of white. Crocus and daffodils dormant for months appearing with colourful faces in the Spring. The sweet delicious smell of roses as they open to a beautiful flower in the summer and now Autumn. Colours from natures palette fill the trees from creams to deep burgundy, merged together they give a patchwork quilt effect like no other.

Autumn to me means edging towards Christmas a time of fun, lights, tinsel, glitter and gifts wrapped to perfection under the tree. I am a big kid at heart and always gives me a happy warm fuzzy feeling.

I am making for myself atm, very odd as never seem to get the time but am in an apex where I can afford to indulge myself. I love this fabric, linen, roses and vintage styling. Will be turned into a handbag tote to carry all my notebooks and camera I just have to take with me. With brown leather handles and proper studs for feet to protect the base. Also a matching wallet/purse, with compartments for all those loyalty cards. Has no one thought of a way to combine onto one card? instead of the hundreds you collect when out shopping. Must admit have had a wean out as some hardly use and some not at all, often find get into a shop and struggle to find the one I want. Hence this wallet will have loads of slots and pockets to carry all my stuff plus fit my phone in as well. Hope  to be able to post a photo next week, that is if all goes well.

That's all for this week, wishing you all a Happy Autumnal Week


  1. Fabulous fabric Caroline, I really love all the autumnal colours that we are seeing now.

  2. Carolee Crafts has been selected as Blog of the Quarter over on Blog Mommas. Congrats and Happy Autumn to you too Caroline! xxoo


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