Friday, 28 February 2014


Well what a February rain, rain and yet more rain, howling gales and so many poor people flooded out of homes, farms and business premises. Train lines washed away, sea defences collapsed. Not sure when this will end but know that with the true British mentality, we will pick ourselves up, dust off and start again. The Great British Bulldog attitude will come to the fore and we will not be beaten. On another note it has been beautiful the last few days, dry and sunny and dare I say a tad warm, not sure how long that will last as due some snow today.

I love bunting be it plain or decorated and think something that is such fun to add to a patio, gazebo, child's room or adults and more. Have ventured into the French flag bunting as a special order along with a 'Sale' or company name before but this time for something a little bit special - Teddy Bunting. These teddies are shabby chic or well loved depending on your slant on this cute and cuddly character. Shown here in polka dots blue for a boy and pink for a girl:

and a close up of the design

Made to order only, easy to post and a totally different gift for a new arrival.

Making lots of Birthday gifts that will remain under wraps until the big days, as some of these are the end of the year quite long wait. I have a private event at a local retirement complex in March so the next few weeks, along with Easter items will see me concentrating on these events.

Stay warm, safe and dry x

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