Sunday, 11 August 2013

Birthday Cards and a walk through our village

This past week has been odd one minute wall to wall sunshine and hot, hot, hot then in a blink of an eye overcast and muggy then turns dreary and rain with thunder and lightening. Wish the weather would make up it's mind but grateful for it being a bit cooler, just cannot work when too hot.

Preparing for a couple of Birthday's and trying to be ahead of the game, or in this case ahead of the date. Twofold as 1. The post is appalling at present, think must be the school holiday's and 2. If I do not do when I remember will panic 2 days before the due date.

One for a sea lover:

Folk Art Flowers:

I love the simplicity of this design without being too busy.

We walk the dog 3 times a day and try to vary the direction each time, just for interest for us rather than Shiloh as sure he is not bothered which way we go. So join me on our first walk of the day through the Ford by the Mill, then back across the river before heading for home, approx 2 miles in total and when warm this is such a cooling route, love the sound of water. 

Walking makes me appreciate where I live and amazing what you can find on your own doorstep if you abandon the car and let your feet do the travelling. Off to research some more walks thank goodness for Ordnance Survey maps.

Have a good week Folks


  1. I love your flower card, it must have taken ages to make. I am very jealous of your lovely places to walk too.

  2. LOVE your CARDS!!! So pretty and unique!


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