Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Vive la France

Wow Wednesday

A bespoke order for 3m's of french flag bunting, all made, packed and now posted to my customer.

Often orders come from the unusual places others more normal, the bunting came from a thread on a craft forum, there had already been a reply with a link but apparently the other lead could not do, so with trepidation I tendered to do the task. It was fun to do and different, hope my customer is happy.

Went to my first event of the year on Friday, very hot as in a marquee felt odd for most of the afternoon now realise I was coming down with a stinker of a cold. Whilst busy with loads of entertainment for the kid's buying was very low, this was not a craft fair but a mixed event.

Talking to a friend at the weekend (her husband is a photographer) they too have found craft fairs are not what they were, with less sales. Maybe the time of year and everyone is getting into holiday mode but such a shame if we lose some of the handcrafted talent due to being unable to sustain a living. No easy solution but as I love what I do will continue to plod along and maybe one day the tide will turn.

My fabric arrived from Terry's Fabrics for the cushion challenges and have made a start embroidering a rooster onto plain linen, this will be inserted into the centre of the cover, just waiting for the zips to arrive and to feel better. The second fabric is pale blue/grey with seashells. Have to submit my entries by the end of July but as we all know in a blink of an eye the month has gone already.

I cannot believe we are now half way through the year and must start making for Christmas. I like to do Christmas in July, getting all my Xmas stock made by the end of August, well that is the plan and you know what they say about best laid plans! Off to browse my journals for some inspiration.

Hope the weather is being kind to you apart from Tuesday this week we are due for some wonderful wall to wall sunshine, may just have to get the Pimms out, end of Wimbledon and perfect sitting under the roses chillaxing for a few hours.

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