Thursday, 7 March 2013

WTY You Blogging Thursday Week 10

What an odd week weather wise, grey with drizzle, little sun and at times bitterly cold. The snowdrops are in full bloom and the daffodils and crocus peeking out hoping to find some warmth. First signs of spring? or more winter weather to come? Gardeners wanting to get into their gardens to tidy up after the long winter we have had this year but with a northerly wind beat a hasty retreat to the potting shed.

I feel this has been a long winter and I know others have had it harder but so looking forward to warmer days, we will probably all moan if we get a heat wave in the summer and then be wishing for cooler days.

On with the crafting a long slow slog at the moment as have been spending days sorting through 'stuff'. I said I thought this de-cluttering would take all year and whilst I am happy what I have done so far, standing back does not appear much and yes will take all year, my impatience wants it all done but sooo tiring. 

Cream Roses and Lace Pillow

Anyway ordered some monotone cream and beige rose fabric, now what to make? felt the callings of a heart, had the mini lace doilies, embroidered a cream rose and added a handmade organza flower with a perfect pearl and diamante centre. The new crinkled ribbon just lent itself to be attached with mini flower beads. I am happy with the result but this is a OOAK, I prefer to work this way as my mind moves on quite quickly.

Jane Austen

I live not far from Chawton, Jane's home and that of her brother Edward, Chawton House, now used for works written by women in English during the period 1600 - 1830. Also used as a wedding venue just perfect and so elegant. As there is so much about Jane at present thought I would love to make something that reflected the Regency period and getting back into reading her books since O'Level has inspired me to hanker after those gentler times. With a cameo and Jane's words a book holder to hold a treasured book.

Book Holder

Well not a lot to show for a week but with the weather getting better just want to be outdoors tidying up the garden, or rather supervising DH, lol


  1. Love the lace heart pillow, so delicate
    & very Jane Austen!

  2. Caroline, you ALWAYS produce so much more than I do in a week.


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