Sunday, 9 December 2012

Handmade Monday No. 96

Just over 15 days until Christmas and although have been crafting cannot show the makes as gifts for special people. No more fairs for me this year and have agreed a B & M business opportunity next year, a new shop opening in Lincoln in time for Easter, my good friend Kim is the proprietor and when opened will be well worth a visit if you are in the area, situated in the historic market town of Alford, they have a regular craft market in the town so look out for Apple Crafts, the owner's card making skills are second to none plus an excellent friendly and approachable teacher at her workshops.

The Christmas edition of Jeanne d'Arc Living is out and does not disappoint, if you love French Shabby Chic then this publication is for you.

 These apples look so festive

Vintage styling at it's best

Who knew porridge could taste so good

These are just 3 of the articles to tickle the senses and taste buds, don't forget if you would like a copy the UK stockist is:

Those of you that know me well know I am addicted to stationery and for my 2013 planning just had to find a new journal and walking into Staples what did I see? A perfect journal where you can add pages, dividers, plastic wallets for all those clippings and more, what better way to start a New Year, sad? I know but too old to change now.

Not much else to report and will struggle to blog in the coming weeks but will try to find some snippets for you to read even if links to other inspirational blogs and websites.

Have a good week and remember to check out the other blogs at Handmade Harbour


  1. I don't think that you are sad about the diary at all. I think that it goes back to the days of school when a new school year meant nice crisp clean books to write in. I always loved them and even now try really hard to keep paperback books as neat as poss. Have a good week.

  2. that magazine looks gorgeous! Such beautiful images

    I love stationary too, there's nothing wrong with celebrating a fantastic journal! x

  3. I Can't believe it's only 2 weeks until Christmas, though I am a lot more organised than last week!

    As a fellow stationery addict I don't think you are sad at all...a new year equals a new's the law ;)

    Have a great week!


  4. Exciting news about the shop - I'll look forward to hearing more about it in the future. Good luck to both of you x

  5. The magazine looks lovely, right up my street! I'm such a sucker for journals, notebooks and the like. Then I can't bring myself to sully the pristine pages... I would so rather shop for staionery than clothes and shoes!

  6. What a pretty journal! Sounds like you are going to be super busy in the New Year - good luck with all those ventures.

    Have a great week,
    Alison x

  7. Good news about the shop and loving the bag you made for Apple Crafts (in your previous post)

    Have a great week

    Jan x

  8. I think your journal looks very sophisticated. I love spending time perusing diaries, journals, stationary etc especially approaching the New Year. I recently found a book about keeping a journal. I might just give it a go! Good luck with yours!
    Wendy x

  9. The magazine looks gorgeous. Perfect for a Christmas read. Very pretty journal, isn't it so hard to resist such lovely things. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  10. What lovely things you have found! Reading your blog seems like a moment of serenity at this time of year! Have a good week, Jo x

  11. Caroline,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments I am so blessed to have a friend like you, Wendy. thank you too for your kind words.
    I was the lucky recipient of the Apple Crafts bag that Caroline showed on her blog, she never fails to amaze me about the quality of her gifts and products.
    Your blog is always so well written and interesting, I don't know how you do it Caroline.
    Thank you for all your kindness and for being my friend. xxx

    1. Thank you Kim one of the best friends a gal can have, hugs x


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