Sunday, 11 December 2011

Only 14/13 days until Christmas

Not sure where these last few months have gone but they have disappeared in a puff of smoke am sure the trainee wizards from Hogwarts have been experimenting with time disappearance spells. However in between my planning for next year and stocking up on Christmas goodies have been making gifts and cards. The cards are all in the post except 1, local deliveries done just down to the final few gifts to make. Can only show one of the makes as the other one may well be seen by the recipient and don't want to spoil the surprise. An embroidered cushion and eye mask, all done on my new machine which is just heaven, adding some special smellies. The fabric is silk and wanted to keep the colours muted to go with most decor's do hope she likes it.

 Embroidering on silk has always been a bit problematical before and whilst I did panic on the Friday night "what have I done? all that money on machines!" got over it now and and so glad I went ahead as the stitching was a dream. Just got to master the downloading of designs now. All this new technology sometimes wonder if I am getting too old but a lot of it could be I do not read instruction books but dive straight in, get in a pickle then have to read the machine book.

Perfectly Peacock Mood Board

Think the colours say it all I love them, this is my inspiration for my first project of 2012 and my new direction/reinvention of Carolee Crafts, more will be added but to the finished item. I love mood boards as they are the best place to gather items that may not be used but purely for a colour spectrum, I tend to lay them out photograph and file the photo in a journal for future reference. Peacocks are such beautiful birds and I remember when we lived in the Walled Garden in Loxwood they would come over from the Clock Tower next door, my Mother would entice them to open their tails which they tended to at her request, just beautiful the colours out of this world.

Pantone colours for 2012

Not too sure about the Tangerine Tango but does mean that DH can get his shorts out that he bought in Florida all those years ago and I must search for my sunglasses, lol. Do like the bottom 5 colours though and could see me adding a bit of the Cabaret & Bellflower.

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Have a good week


  1. That cushion is a dream. The machine certainly looks like a good investment. How I would love to see it working. Ah well, a little too far for a quick pop-in methinks.

  2. I like what you have been doing with your fancy new sewing machine!

  3. What a beautiful gift, The stitching is incredible.
    I love the colours on the peacock board, can't wait to see what you make next year. x

  4. Hope you enjoued using your new machine, and i like the cushion I'm sure the recipient will like it too!

  5. Peacock colours are my favourite!

  6. You are doing very well with the sewing machine. The embroidery looks great! Mich x

  7. I love the Tangerine Tango, it goes so well with the browns, and the greens and the blues.
    I have to agree about the peacock and the colours, they are lovely, very rich looking.
    I need to have a word with those trainee wizards, they need to leave time alone. :o)

    Jan x

  8. I tend to dive straight in with stuff too!

    Cushion and mask look beautiful and the colours warm...

  9. Next seasons colours look lovely - I like the sharp zingy colours at the top of the range. Your cushion is gorgeous Caroline and I am sure will be loved by your friend.

  10. Lovely cushion Carol, so perfect. Looking forward to seeing your peacock inspired creation

  11. Caroline

    I absolutely love the pillow, it's gorgeous.

    Have a great week!

  12. Lovely cushion and I think the peacock colour board is beautiful.
    Jo x

  13. Thanks ever so for joining our Linky party!

  14. Your mood board is full of some of my favourite colours.....looking forward to seeing more in 2012 xx

  15. Beautiful! And I'm glad to hear someone else does what I do with instructios; dives in and then reads them when you find you're in a mess. :) I love the cushion, looks like the stitching is awesome.

  16. Hi Caroline:) I love the gift you made for your friend. She will love it! So pretty. Have fun with that new machine.

    I really like the new Pantone colors. I have always been a tangerine kind a girl :)

    Have a great week and stay warm.(()) Gail

  17. Your embroidered cushions incredible. Love the choice of colours. Bound to be a winner for anyone to receive . Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Great embroidery, and new project, looks like 2012 will be a great year for you.



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