Monday, 15 November 2010

True Friends

True Friends

Sometimes in our lives we have to overcome an obstacle and that time you have friends to turn to and that is the time when true friendships come to the fore, to know you are not alone. I have several e-friends, namely the Pink Ladies from Make Mine Pink, Kim and Jill who have been there for me this week after the loss of our fur baby Barney in the early hours of Sunday morning. Thank you girl's.

Barney 1995 to 2010
In tribute to Barney a poem by a wonderful Author, Nancy Ellen Crossland, check out her book at Amazon 'Within these branches' a beautiful read


Faithful friend
You always sense
My moods, my sadness
When I'm feeling tense

Like my shadow
You're always there
Though you cannot speak
I know you care

A gentle nudge with your nose
A paw on my lap
Tug on my clothes

You speak a language
With your compassionate eyes
Sense my lows
Rejoice in my highs

Faithful friend
With a wag of your tail
Your devotion to me
Will never fail

A reward now and then
A scratch under the chin
A walk in the park
Faithful friend
How fortunate
I've been

Nancy Ellen Crossland

and last but not least:

A big thank you to Kim

Kim is a kind and sweet lady I have met on line through a UK based forum, we have become good friends, knowing each of us if there for the other in times of happiness and sadness.
On Saturday I received a beautiful handmade card and gift through the post, the gift a card kit to give me something to do and it is in my favourite colour of pink. Think this kit will be made into a framed picture for my Sewing room, to always remind me of a dear friendship.

Thank you Kim, you are a true friend. x

A basketful of scented fruit

Well I have been on about them all week and finally finished, the basket is covered and lined in black with pink and black ribbon wound around the handle. The glitter roses are a bit dark but will be replaced eventually with pale pink once I get to my supplier.

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  1. Hi caroline, I am sooo sad about Barney. I am so sorry for your loss. What a sweet poem. I love all of my e=friends too.
    I love your pretty fruit and they basket is pretty.

  2. What a beautiful poem and a touching tribute to a dear friend.

    The handmade card is beautiful, you have a dear friend indeed in Kim.

    Have a wonderful week.

    P.S. That fruit is awesome, perfect for the holiday table.

  3. Oh Caroline...I'm so sorry about your precious baby. It's so incredibly hard when they cross over the rainbow bridge.

    You and he were both lucky to have had each other and to have shared so much love. Animals bring us so much happiness and ask for nothing in return.

    Sending hugs for your heart.
    friends always,

  4. Hi Caroline,

    I still can't believe Barney is gone. I never met him in person,but used to love to read about him in your posts at Make Mine Pink. I love the poem so much. He was a beautiful dog and am sure he is playing happily with God now. The card you received is beautiful. What a sweet friend.
    Love the basket too.
    Enjoy your week,
    Janets Creative Pillows

  5. Hi Caroline

    What a lovely poem - it really sums up how important a much loved pet is in our lives.


  6. Hi Caroline, I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Barney. He looks like such a loveable and trusty friend. The poem is so lovely. Thank you so much for popping by and following my blog and also for the invitation to follow you. I am looking forward to sharing your crafting journey xxx

  7. Very tardy condolences. What a beautiful face Barney has. And a funny aside, Pauli had (and LOVED) that same fish until one day she decided it would be better without stuffing. It didn't have quite the same allure empty. But there is something so endearing about a golden with a big fat stuffed critter (in the US we call them "woobies" not sure that term is in vogue across the pond) in their mouth, especially if it is large enough to mostly cover their faces, and especially if the golden is a little verbal in their joy.
    Enjoy your new puppy--they are so full of possibility!


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