Monday, 22 June 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Not a lot done this week but did manage to start and finish this cross stitch cup design. Bought some pretty green rose fabric on my trip to Sevenoaks and plan to use this to edge the design and mount into a frame. I am sure my eyes are getting worse as can only seem to stitch in day time hours now, lol.

MIL's birthday this week normally make a flowery card but thought I would try something different, just got to do the words inside, when the new printer turns up and finished.

Have made a start on the wedding invitation order, printed off my logo on the back and the reply cards, hopefully can finish the fronts and inner wording this week. Completion is all down to Amazon despatching the new printer on time.

My mind is buzzing with ideas at present but don't seem to get everything done, the 'To Do' list is getting ever longer.

Check out all the other MMP blogs displaying the wonderful creations and finds from my Pink Sisters. Have a wonderful week Ladies.


  1. Caroline, you are one busy lady and everything is just darlin! Can't wait to see pics of what you get done when you get the new printer. And I know what you mean about the "To Do" list "growing legs!"


  2. Hi Caroline,

    I looove the cross stitch cup design. That looks so pretty. I miss my cross-stitching, I really need to take a progress pic to show someday! Have a great week!

    Pei Li

  3. Caroline

    I love the card you made for your MIL! What a fun idea, she is going to adore it. Hope your printer arrives soon.


  4. The X stitch tea cup is very quaint and detailed - must have taken many hours. Have to say that I don't have such patience for X stitch. How are you these days?

  5. Caroline, the tea cup pic is adorable. I used to cross stitch all the time. I miss it but my eyes also are not as good as they were.


  6. What a lovely cross stitch. Looks very time consuming. Now that summer is officially here, getting things done seems to get harder and harder!

  7. Hi Caroline,,, I am glad to hear the wedding plans are going well. I love the tea cup cross stitch. I would love to see it once its framed :)
    I hope your MIL has a wonderful birthday.Have a nice week,,, gail

  8. The tea cup is amazing...I could never see well enough to cross the look!

  9. Caroline I loooooooove that teacup cross stitch. It's beautiful! The card you made for your MIL is charming too!
    Have a fun week busy lady!
    bunny hugs,

  10. Caroline,
    Your cross stitch is so pretty! I just know your MIL will love her card. Hope you have nice week!


  11. Hi Caroline! Love the MUM card for your MIL. Great show and tell.
    The Polka Dot Rose

  12. What a lovely gift for your MIL. You are a very thoughtful person. Glad you are maing headway on your order, hope the printer makes it there in time for you.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  13. Caroline, The teacup is wonderful. I know your MIL will love the card too.


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