Monday, 30 March 2009

Show and Tell Monday

Another week, finally painted all the storage for my workroom. As the walls are lemon thought the green would compliment, have decided not to label but to number with a chart on the wall with what is in each drawer. Got DH sorting through the flowers for the small drawers, made him put them into separate colours, well he did offer to help. Now onto the feathers, that should be fun!

Did do some sewing this week, finished an order for some egg cosies and completed 2 cafetiere cosies. Now the painting is done must get down to some more making for the 11th Fair.

Check out all the other Make Mine Pink blogs, where you will find interesting posts of what the Ladies have been up to last week.


  1. Hi Caroline, you're storage is looking good, my craft room needs a complete overhaul, especially now I've got all my new Stampin' Up! stuff & no idea where to put it all - have fun sorting the feathers!! LOL

    Love your cafetiere cosies, but then I was already a fan :-)

    Take care

    Jan x

  2. Caroline

    I just love all your storage, it's awesome.

    The cafetiere cosies are wonderful.

    I know you busy as a bee getting ready for fair.


  3. Caroline, what a fabulous storage set up you have come up with. You are going to be so organized! I have to admit my ignorance, I never heard of a cafetiere cosie. Judging from the picturs, it goes over your tea or coffee cup? We are just barbarians over here (lol) we don't use egg cosies or I don't know anyone who does, anyway.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  4. Great storage space! And how nice that your hubby pitched in! Cute cozies ...

  5. OK...way tooooo organized! A chart with the contents...oh, wow! Maybe in my next life it will be beyond pile 1, 2 or 3!
    Never saw cafetiere cosies...they are neat...
    Susan *dutchrose*

  6. I am envious I am so in need of storage. looks great

  7. Caroline, Send you husband over to my studio when he gets done! As always, your sewing is too cute, Tedi

  8. Hi Caroline,, your storage looks great. I wish I had that kind of storage for sure! I know you will be getting alot more done now. Pretty colors too! Your egg cozies are adorable. I hope you have a great week and happy creating.
    hugs, gail

  9. I love the cosies, they are cute. Didn't think about cosies for coffee pots, what a great idea.

  10. Hi Caroline!

    How very sweet! Love the cozies. I can see that you have been working hard at creating them. I can't wait until I have my sewing room. We are going to go house hunting soon. Love you Show and Tell as always. Have a beautiful day,

    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  11. Hey Caroline!
    Your storage areas look great! Even better that DH helped!
    I have never heard of an egg cosie before. Very cool!
    bunny hugs,


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